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Users Get Data Sovereignty:
To Create Concepts, Connections, Security and Access Control

freeSCHEMA™ provides concept-oriented business taxonomies to create secure, consolidated access to data and connect intelligence to all information.

Users create new types of concepts by combining already existing concepts and composing the types of concept to concept connections they desire.

The natural language-based business, personal, measure and scheduling concept ontologies offer simple and easy pathways for data intercommunication.

Data owners can grant specific access rights to any part of their data sets including: community, web-pages, company members, service providers and development teams.

Data Insecurity & Dislocation

IT administrators and computer users have difficulty securing and accessing their data stored on a wide array of software, operating systems, and hardware platforms.

Software developers struggle with hundreds of disparate data tables and communication systems developed on poorly elaborated, hard to access, and antiquated software development platforms that ultimately put user's information at risk.
The Secure Semantic Concept Connection System

The SCCS provides users with a semantic concept concept connection framework that takes English language commands which allow users to easily control the security and access to their data.

Software developers are provided a software, operating system, and hardware-independent data rich framework which uses 14 tables to consolidate all of their personal and corporate data while giving corporate leadership secure access to their information.

Information Technology managers are equipped with the tools to interpret and replicate data with extensive hands-off access to company leaders' and users' personal data.

For those who have signed up for freeSCHEMA accounts, the apps can be found here.
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